Use Liquid Fertilizer to Save Time and Maintain a Green Lawn

Most people want to have a beautiful lawn, but not everybody wants to do all of the work required to keep the grass green for the entire growing season. Using liquid fertilizer can help reduce the amount of required to maintain your lawn, without sacrificing the well-maintained look you want to achieve.  backpack sprayer lowes

Saving time is one of the primary reasons to use liquid fertilizer, but there are several other benefits:

    1. Save Time – You can save time by watering your lawn and fertilizing it at the same time. You can put liquid fertilizer in a hose-end applicator, a backpack sprayer, or a fertigation system to do steps in one.


    1. Save Money – Applying liquids does not require expensive and bulky equipment like a granular fertilizer applicator. You also don’t have to over-apply liquid fertilizer because it soaks into the soil and goes directly to the roots, where it is most needed.


    1. Have a Safe Lawn – Natural, organic fertilizers are safe for your children and pets. When you apply a safe organic fertilizer, you and your family can walk on the lawn immediately after application.


    1. Save the Planet – Liquid fertilizers do not sit on top of the grass like granular fertilizer does. This means less runoff and less of an environmental impact.


  1. Green Grass – You can apply liquid fertilizers much more evenly and they do not burn the grass. The fertilizer nutrients are also more readily absorbed by the grass roots, making the fertilizer more effective.

There are a number of benefits to switching from granular fertilizer to a liquid alternative. Whether you want to save time or have less impact on the environment, you achieve a beautiful green lawn.

Fertigation tanks are a very convenient way to apply liquid products. Simply add the correct amount of fertilizer to the tank and connect it to a sprinkler to water and fertilize at the same time. Some tanks can even be integrated with your automatic sprinkler system for maximum convenience and ease. You won’t waste any water, and you will save even more time than applying with a hose-end sprayer.

If you want to save even more time, consider hiring a lawn care company to fertilize and mow your lawn. Always ask what type of fertilizer they use and whether they carry a natural fertilizer that they can use on your lawn. An organic lawn is a healthy lawn, and it will stay greener and be easier to maintain.